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Deadline extended Due to competition complexity pointed out by participants organisers decided to extend the competition deadline to 1st of February 2022.
13 January 2022, 13:00 EETWebinar #3 InvitationJury member Krzysztof Ingarden lecture:  Urban Utopias. Can We Avoid Their Mistakes? on 13 January.Read on www.igloo.ro | Watch on Facebook


15th of November 2021 Official launching and online registration start
15.11.2021 – 15.12.2021 Questions and answers
25th of November 2021 Webinar #1
15th of December 2021 Webinar #2
13th of January 2022 Webinar #3
1st of February 2022* Deadline to register and upload the projects
*extended from 20.01.2022
03.02.2022 – 03.03.2022 International Jury
10th of March 2022 Winners announcement
11th of October 2022 Competition catalog launching

Organizers have the right to modify the timeline dates such best plan and develop the competition. Depending on organizing objective matters the competition timeline may vary. Please watch the www.2031NOW.com website for updates.