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Modern Movement 2.0

“Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning

Once upon a time some great architects had a vision. They put tall buildings made of steel and glass in a park-like cityscape. This project plays tribute to that vision, but the new office buildings are arranged according to the accidents of the terrain: existing trees or a lake. In addition, all the constructions are united by a long, organically-modulated hallway, which offers space for gathering, meeting and chatting. It is a common space with a view to the greenery outside.

Jury Comments

Arjan Dingsté: The project fails to address the theme of the competition of our future cities to come and does not address any of our current and future challenges. The proposal lacks imagination and is poorly represented.

Dimitris Pergamalis: Unfortunately, the project is just a starting point, a sketch. It wasn’t developed enough to communicate an idea.

Andrei Șerbescu: The entry would like to pay tribute to the modern movement and its iconic moments and buildings. However, one cannot understand how that would be done, as the design is nothing but a sketch and doesn’t manage yet to formulate a coherent answer.